I don't know about you but I've had a lot of time to think about life & how I interact with the world during the last couple of months. With the stay at home orders & everything that assimulates "normal life" ceased, it's made me pause. In no way am I discarding the pain of so many families losing loved ones during this time. I am simply working to find the light in the darkness. Consider the lessons Covid-19 is teaching the whole world.


A recurring question in my mind has been

Why did it take a worldwide pandemic to. . .

. . . realize that the elderly should always receive special treatment because of their weakened immune systems?

. . . look into people's eyes?

. . . rethink what makes us happy & what we want out of life?

. . . take time for ourselves to think, meditate, or go for a walk to clear our minds?

. . . think about our money situation & if we have a plan for emergencies?

. . . consider the little birds & critters that live in our neighborhood

. . . cherish time with family & friends?

. . . appreciate the sun?

. . . wipe down anything that comes into our homes?

. . . teach use how to use a stove?

. . . ask before touching someone?

. . . consider how our state of personal health affects our co-workers & family members?

. . . take time to write nice things to our neighbors?

. . . respect personal space?

. . . RE-teach us about sanitizing basics that we learned back in kindergarten?

. . . call your grandparents?

. . . that life is precious & isn't guaranteed to any of us? #BEMOREYOU

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