Who are we really?

Under all the masks, smiles & the frowns? Why do we create barriers & labels?  Some of us are confident without reason & some of us are insecure in spite of all our gifts. What makes us one, what unifies us all is simple. We are one tribe, one species. The same muscle, bones, mind, heart & soul. Once we start to strip away all the armor & masks, we find each other through the unifying principle of our core self. We want to remind men that there is strength in vulnerability & the most commanding voices are often spoken in whispers.

We want to help you live your best life, starting from the foundation. The most essential & first thing you’ll put on your body & the last thing you’ll leave on when you strip off the day. We want to welcome YOU, all of you to stand tall, get comfortable & ready to conquer.

Badami & Co is a Men's Essentials brand. We produce Underwear & Accessories in Los Angeles. We are committed to elevating & connecting men to their best selves through a larger awareness of their community & self care. A few of the ways we plan to do this is to showcase the unrepresented through our models, sharing stories & imagery, as well as offering quality goods at competitive prices Made in America. 

BADAMI wants you to BE MORE YOU!