Elevating & connecting humanity to their best selves through a larger sense of awareness, community & self care. Disrupting the norm with thoughtful & forward-thinking essentials.

"My long term goal is to encourage humanity to embrace their own uniqueness."-Anthony Badami [ Owner of Badami & Co ] 

Photo of Anthony Badami the designer and founder of Badami & Co



When I was 13 years old, my grandfather taught me the art of leather craft. I started making bracelets, keychains, & book covers. The tactile experience of hand-cutting, stamping, staining, & painting leather was so fascinating that it stuck with me & I continued his legacy. My first shoulder-strap fashion harness is named “The Melvin” after him. 

I combine my love for superheroes, modern architecture, & post-apocalyptic imagery to create one-of-a-kind pieces to elevate your style.


All our items are handmade in Los Angeles. I take great pride in partnering with the amazingly talented people in our city.  When I am not making the items myself I have a few key artists that have the highest level of quality standards.

For our main packaging, we currently use zero “single use plastic.” We believe sustainable packaging solutions are important because we like this planet & want it to like us back.

Our genuine leathers are produced from America & Italy. All our leather materials are by-product of the meat industry. No animals are harmed for their skins specifically. We have considered producing "vegan" leather products but after researching the materials & processes used to create said leather alternative we have chosen natural skins as they last 50+ years & are eventually biodegradable.