How old are you & where are you located?

I’m 34 years young, the epitome of a Leo & I live in Northridge, CA.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Born & raised most of my life in Texas, I am a country boy at heart that loves food & people! I currently live in Los Angeles where I run a support group for men of color that promotes mental health & wellness. After being racially profiled in DTLA by 4 white officers for merely being a good samaritan, I knew it was time to start a conversation that I wasn’t seeing nor hearing in our community. "Black Man Now" is a platform that helps men find their own God-given voice & encourages them to stand in their own truth.

What is important for you when choosing underwear?

Underwear for me has always been a thing! I’m a bigger brotha that needs support in certain areas…ha! I absolutely look for comfortability over everything but also, I wanna look good too. When you look good you feel good & you do good. Period. Underwear is the foundation & I say make sure the foundation is right!

How has toxic masculinity affected you personally? How have you worked to grow from it?

Toxic masculinity affects all men & the way we eradicate it is by having open conversations with therapist/mental health support groups to learn ways to expose it. We can’t heal what we won't reveal so it is imperative we create more avenues for men to be vulnerable enough to open up about topics such as this one.

You were one of the first men chosen to represent Badami & Co Underwear. What does that mean for you and for others that look like you?

I’ve secretly always wanted to model but fear kept me far away. The opportunity to do my first shoot in Badami & Co underwear is an absolute honor! To have other men of color & my size seeing me represent boldly in my truth feels inspiring & humbling. 

How have you witnessed your own manhood evolve in the last few years?

The growth I’ve been able to experience in the last few years has been absolutely incredible! Standing as a black man in today’s climate can be really hard & downright discouraging. I’ve been able to take my pain from my own story & turn it into medicine that has not only pushed past wounds into healing but also set others free from what pains them in their everyday life. I don’t have it all figured out by a long shot but I try to be a light - a light for men that are looking for their own light. We must turn to each other on this day and realize we're more alike than we are different. That’s when the true healing comes. 


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  • Dec 22, 2020

    As a black man, I can totally respect choosing to use the pain inflicted upon us to reach out & empower other people of color. And it’s incredible that you are representing the reality that we are all different sizes & shapes. And still deserve to look fly! lol

    — Amir Green

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