How old are you & where are you located?

I’m 30 years old and I’m based in Los Angeles.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in the U.S. and raised in Thailand. Now I live in Los Angeles where I could find diversity and opportunities to work as a model. I like to take care of myself by actively working out and eating healthy. I hope to build a larger portfolio and more connections through my fitness journey and inspire other ordinary men like myself to become a better version of themselves.

What is important for you when choosing underwear?

I choose the underwear that makes me feel good with a modern design and comfortable fit. It’s not about what other people may see but how I think they look on me. It’s about how I feel wearing them. Wearing those “feel good” underwear makes me feel sexy and confident from the inside. Not too fancy, not too old school, and to comfortably hold my balls in the perfect place, not too tight or too loose. I appreciate being able to wear them every day and for every occasion.

How does Badami’s underwear compare/standout to other brands you’ve worn?

Simple, clean design, and comfortable soft fabric. Most underwear I've worn are either too fancy, too tight, or comfortable but too plain. Badami’s underwear is American made, precisely cut and perfectly in the middle where comfort meets design for every man on planet earth.

How has toxic masculinity affected you personally? How have you worked to grow from it?

I grew up where society, culture, and religion thought me that being masculine is a stereotype for how every man should be. I always cared about what other people thought of me and behaved in a "proper" way, dressed, and acted how other people thought was good, All the while, hiding my true self from others. It affected my personality and became toxic without me noticing. I didn’t know who I really was, I had lower self-esteem, and lacked confidence. I have been learning to grow by leaving this toxicity behind and work to care more about how I think about myself. I’m learning to be more open and to tell people who I am and act however I chose to be. Choosing to be confident enough about what I really like. It has released my inner happiness and unlocked who I was meant to be.

Over the last year, you have been BADAMI’s development model. What does that mean for you and for others that look like you?

BADAMI gave me an opportunity to show how this brand could be perfect for every guy. It is not just beautifully designed, it is also about being part of a new identity and community that supports whoever you are. The rest is to be more yourself.

How have you witnessed your own manhood evolve in the last few years?

I have been through a lot of life situations and relationships in the past few years. I have learned to see things more beautifully than in my childhood, even in the worst situations. Life is full of uncertainty and unexpected situations. I learned how to let go and appreciate what I have. Losing someone I loved, losing a job, a breakup, and even the Covid crisis are all part of life lessons to become stronger and happier as part of every manhood journey.



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  • Nov 01, 2020

    What a powerful story. We all have potential to feel our own masculine power. What that means may be different to all of us.

    — John Ragsdale

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